Collaborations 2

Here I am in duo with Luo Chao yun, a pipa player from Taiwan.

Another duo I play in is with the vocalist Phil Minton. Here we are in a film by Helen Petts.

Mats Gustafsson joins us at Cafe Oto.

Here with Michel Doneda and Roger Turner. Our CD is called ‘The Cigar That Talks’

I have, over the years, worked a fair bit with visual artist Gina Southgate

Stale Liavik Solberg is someone I work with a lot and our duo is a foundation for a number of different groups

Here’s me having a lot of fun with Thurston Moore at my 60th birthday party concert. I had just come out after a month in hospital and was relishing my freedom before going back to have a quadruple heart bypass. The full audio for this concert is on the CD ‘with’. Details in the discography section