A little about Musics and the 70s with Thurston Moore

The Ecstatic Peace Library have put together a rather handsome edition of all the old copies of Musics magazine ‘launched with Issue No. 1 April/May 1975 with the banner ‘MUSICS an impromental experivisation arts magazine’. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musics_(magazine) As one of the connected events I was asked to take part in an evening at Cafe Oto, both talking to Thurston Moore – who runs Ecstatic Peace alongside Eva Prinz and who with the guidance of David Toop and Steve Beresford put the whole reprint together – and also to play in a duo with him, which I may post at a later stage. It is always a pleasure to play with Thurston – lots going on and very much about the guitar. We were ably supported by an astonishing solo set from Phil Wachsmann which included visual projections that were abstracts from compositions he had developed in the 70s. Here is ‘the chat bit’ that for some, to me obscure, technical reason is in three parts…. I hope it gives a flavour of the time.

Thurston Moore John Russell chatting at Cafe Oto 8:10:16

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