This year (2016) has three anniversaries for me. It is 50 years since I started playing the guitar, 35 years since my first Quaqua projects and 25 years of organising concerts under the name Mopomoso. To celebrate so far, with the aid of volunteers and starting a partnership with Paul G Smyth, we have launched the new label ‘Weekertoft‘, releasing the 4 CD boxed set and organising a successful launch concert at EPIC Dalston. Pictures here  The Mopomoso monthly series continues at The Vortex with some very interesting visitors on their way. As always full details are to be found on the Mopomoso website I also hope we will be able to supplement this with further events throughout the year and in a range of venues. Fete Quaqua will again take place in August and feature an international cast of musicians (a few extra surprises are planned for this). There are also Mopomoso 25th anniversary T shirts to be had from the Weekertoft shop and at the regular Sunday afternoon concerts. These are always on the third Sunday of the month and the doors open at 2.00 pm.

For me it is such a marvellous thing to have found a world of music in which to have an adventure and also to be able to share that adventure, both with an audience and with fellow musicians. One of the special things about improvised music is that the audience discovers the music at the same time as the musicians and it is this shared engagement in the music as it happens that makes it so wonderful. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this possible. Here’s to further adventures and anniversaries for us all!